How to Start Journaling

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how to start journaling

I have always loved journaling since childhood because I have always loved writing and it has come easy for me – just writing some thoughts and ideas into a notebook.
Nowadays journaling has become  more complex and fancier than just grabbing a notebook and pen and jotting down your thoughts.
Before I give you tips and ways to journal, I want to share why you should journal.

Why You Should Journal


Have you been aware that journaling actually has many benefits? Here they are:
Journaling helps to reduce stress – several studies have shown that journaling can reduce stress. It can help you lower your blood pressure and even improve your liver functionality.
Journaling may improve your immune function – journaling may contribute to improve your immune system which results in decreasing your risk of sickness. Journaling is said to have the following health benefits:
  • fewer stress-related doctor visits
  • lower blood pressure
  • lesser symptoms of asthma and rheumatoid arthritis
  • improved liver and lung function
  • helping heal wounds faster
  • improved mood
  • greater well-being
Journaling may help you to distance yourself from negative thoughts – if you are prone to negative thoughts, it is always recommended to create space and distance yourself from these negative thoughts so they don’t become part of yourself. Journaling your negative thoughts may help you see them in a more objective way and distance yourself from them.
Journaling helps you process your emotions – emotions can influence your actions and so it’s very important to deal with your emotions than to ignore them or to suppress them. Journaling helps you to process your emotions in a safe and contained space. Writing down your emotions helps you process them, lessen their strength in case of difficult emotions, so they can’t overwhelm you that much anymore. They become easier to manage.
Journaling can help you to see a clearer picture of your next step – writing down your thoughts, emotions, concerns, questions, ideas, etc. can help you figure out your needs and what to do as a next step in your life.
Journaling keeps your memory sharp – journaling is said to boost your memory and comprehension and also increase your working memory capacity and thus may improve cognitive processing.
Journaling boosts your mood and improves mental health – journaling can boost your mood and improve your mental health. It may help lessen the symptoms of depression and anxiety.
Journaling helps you to connect with God and yourself – if you believe in God, journaling can help you to connect with God. It is a conversation with God in written form which can include everything from prayer, your gratitude and praise for Him, to confessing your sins and asking for forgiveness. In this process you will not only learn more about God and how He transforms you but also about yourself – who you are, your preferences, pain points, fears, favorites, and dreams. It also helps you to see your changes and developments.
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Why You Want to Journal

journaling reasons

Now that you know the benefits of journaling, you should ask yourself why you want to journal. While you don’t need a specific reason to start journaling, it would still be helpful to know why you want to journal. You should only do journaling if you really like doing it and you feel it would benefit you. Journaling might not be for everyone and you shouldn’t do anything you don’t like.
You can ask yourself these questions:
  • Why do I want to journal?
  • What do I hope to accomplish with journaling?
  • How much time can I put into journaling?
  • What do I want to write in my journal?
  • What types of journals interest me?

Journaling Supplies You Need

journaling supplies

Simple journaling doesn’t require many supplies, just a notebook and a pen.
However, some people who journal on a regular basis, want to invest in more quality supplies to enhance their journaling experience.












Journaling Supplies For Fixing Mistakes



Additional Journaling Supplies










Now that you have learned about the benefits of journaling, why you want to journal, and journaling supplies, you can start journaling! I will write more posts about journaling which you will find here:

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