How to Doodle an Armchair Easily

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armchair doodle tutorial


Easy Step By Step Armchair Doodle Tutorial

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Step 1:

Draw two parallel lines.Well, my lines look a little bit wonky but that’s OK. We don’t need to be perfect when doodling.

armchair doodle tutorial 1

Step 2:

Complete the upper line as a rectangle with round edges.

armchair doodle tutorial 2

Step 3:

Complete the bottom line as a rectangle with round edges.

armchair doodle tutorial 3

Step 4:

Draw rounded rectangles to the left and right side of the two rectangles. Make the upper part of these rectangles longer so they go a little bit beyond the two rectangles in the middle.

armchair doodle tutorial 4

Step 5:

Now draw a three-centered arch going from top of one armrest to the top of the other armrest.

armchair doodle tutorial 5

Step 6:

Add two feet centered to the bottom of the left and right armrests.

armchair doodle tutorial 6

Step 7:

Finally, add another foot a few inches to the right of the left front feet and another foot to the left of the right front feet. Draw these feet half shorter than the front feet as these are back feet and everything in the back is shorter than things in the front.

armchair doodle tutorial 7

That’s it! Your armchair doodle is finished!


If you prefer watching videos, here is the armchair doodle tutorial in video format:



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